Dreamworks Trolls Holiday


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Dreamworks Trolls Holiday

Now that the Bergens’ one holiday is gone—and the Trolls don’t have to worry about being eaten by their neighbors—Poppy, the eternally optimistic Troll queen, has made it her mission to bring a brand new day of celebration to Bergen Town.

When Poppy recruits reluctant Branch and the rest of the colorful Snack Pack to join her quest, she’ll try to prove to Bergen best friend Bridget and King Gristle that life would be better if they’d just adopt a new holiday. But just because Poppy won’t rest until the village embraces Ticklepalooza or Balloon Squeal Day doesn’t mean the Bergens are quite ready to launch a celebration as loud, crazy and glittery as the little Troll suggesting it.

The returning cast includes your favorites - Anna Kendrick as “Poppy,” Justin Timberlake as “Branch,” Zooey Deschanel as “Bridget,” Christopher Mintz-Plasse as “King Gristle Jr.,” James Corden as “Biggie,” Ron Funches as “Cooper,” Icona Pop’s Caroline Hjelt as “Chenille” and Aino Jawo as “Satin,” Kunal Nayyar as “Guy Diamond,” Walt Dohrn as “Cloud Guy,” “Smidge,” and “Fuzzbert,” and Kevin Michael Richardson as the narrator.